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Orient Success Trading is an ethical cultured diamond specialist and a company with a clear vision. We believe that when it comes to selecting a diamond, customers should never have to choose between quality and principle. Diamonds are a symbol of timelessness and beauty, and when presented as a gift, they make an impression that nothing else can match. For all these reasons, we believe that a diamond should deliver undiluted pleasure, free from any unsavoury associations of conflict or environmental harm. Science has now made it possible to produce gemstones of exceptional purity without damaging lives or habitats, so we’ve made it our mission to make these cultured diamonds available, and to give customers the widest and best possible choice. Our gem-quality diamonds vary in colour just like traditionally mined diamonds but unlike naturally occurring stones, ours always meet the most exacting Type IIa standard. That means they will exhibit a brilliance, clarity and sparkle that can never be excelled. Moreover, as you might expect from an international specialist in cultured diamonds, we offer them in a variety of sizes, shapes and cuts, so we can cater for virtually all tastes and occasions.

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We specialise in the sale of loose, gem-quality, cultured diamonds. In addition, by special request, we can also produce beautiful jewellery from the same ethical, cultured diamonds. For more details, please contact us.


Our diamonds are produced in Surat, India, the world capital of diamond polishing. Each diamond is faceted and polished by experienced cutters who apply traditional skills to create superb, scintillating gemstones suitable for the world’s finest jewellery.


To prove the provenance of your gemstone and to provide assurance that it has remained wholly unconnected to conflict or irresponsible mining practices, we can certify your chosen diamond using a uniquelaser-inscribed identifying number.


Our goal is to remain a global leader in the field of sustainably produced cultured diamonds. By combing advanced technologies with a traditional approach to customer service, we offer peace of mind, outstanding quality and excellent value for money.

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