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Why Choose a Cultivated Diamond from Orient Success?

A certified Type IIa cultivated diamond from Orient Success is your guarantee of quality, value and social responsibility.

A specialist in the trade of ethical, cultivated diamonds, we offer customers an extensive choice of top quality gemstones from a reputable and sustainable source. Produced in quality-controlled conditions in Surat – the world centre for diamond polishing – all our lab-grown gemstones are the work of skilled and highly experienced cutters.


All our diamonds are Type IIa. That denotes the very highest standard of purity – a standard that fewer than 2% of all diamonds ever achieve. What that means in practice is that when you buy from OST, you are purchasing gemstones with exceptional sparkle, clarity and brilliance – an appearance to rival the world’s finest mined diamonds.


Made using a low pressure microwave CVD process, our cultivated diamonds are created with far greater efficiency than the process needed to mine gems from deep underground. They don’t require the extraction of thousands of tonnes of rock, land remains undamaged and the manufacturing process doesn’t require the use of poisons or caustic chemicals. In many parts of the world, diamond mining inflicts terrible damage upon local environments but you can wear cultivated diamonds from OST with a completely clear conscience.


No diamond from OST has ever helped to fund conflict. Nor have our products ever helped to boost the profits of unscrupulous businesses that exploit their workers or put them in danger. We know the provenance of all our gemstones and we can certify your chosen purchase to  authenticate its origins as an ethical, lab-grown, cultivated diamond.


As an international specialist in cultivated diamonds, we offer an extensive choice of carat weights, shapes and cuts. Due to the extreme purity of our Type IIa gemstones, colour choice is more limited than with mined diamonds but our diamonds are, nevertheless, available either clear or scintillating pink.


In addition to advising you on your choice of gemstone, we also offer a certification and engraving service. We can inscribe your diamond’s unique identification number on its base and, on request, we can produce bespoke items of exquisite jewellery using cultivated diamonds.


Diamonds are a symbol of quality, luxury and fine living so, for most customers, price is seldom the most important factor when making a selection. Nevertheless, by obviating the costs associated with land ownership, extraction, labour and the many other overheads incurred in conventional diamond mining, cultivated diamonds do offer customers a distinct price advantage.

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